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12 July 2015

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Star Bright, New Moon Light.
High Up in the Sky Tonight
Shining Bright, Shining Clear
Telling us That Eid is here.

Eid is a special time of the year and we would like to offer an #EIDSPECIAL with a 
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6 July 2015

You can define yourself  or let others define you. 
Whatever your mood or personality....Veruschka puts it in perspective.
Bitchy:characterized by malicious, spiteful, or arrogant behavior
Ritzy: very fashionable and expensive often in a showy way
Frisky: sexually playful or excited
Prissy: overly prim and precise 
Kitschy: popular with the masses. 
Glitzy: a very fancy and attractive quality that is associated with rich or famous people
'Just be what you choose to be'

3 July 2015

‘Wanderlust’ SPRING / SUMMER 2015


WANDERLUST is the strong desire for, or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. 

Veruschka's SS ‘15 collection 'WANDERLUST' takes inspiration from Japan, Puerto Rico and Turkey. The versatile loafers, printed wedges, dainty heels and pumps with little trinkets: clocks, keys and crowns have a certain playful yet old world charm that takes us back to a time when travel was a luxury only a few could enjoy. Each piece is detailed to perfection, whether it is the black weave fabric, the contrast stitching and suede lining – all of it add to the finishing to make a stylish yet comfortable shoe! Let us take you on a journey spanning continents to explore our ‘WANDERLUST’ collection 

INSPIRATION: Turkish monochrome patterned black and white tiles and the beautiful Japanese cherry blossom trees. 

INSPIRATION: Japanese cherry blossom trees.

INSPIRATION: Puerto Rican meringue dance skirts and the famous door of Puerto Rico. 


5 September 2011

Presenting the LFW Collection 'Shoe Bibliotheque' at Creo !

Presenting the LFW Collection 'Shoe Bibliotheque' at Creo, Kemps Corner.
Sept 27th to Oct 10th.

Inviting you to join us in unveiling the Collection straight off the runway of LFW Winter/Festive 2011. 
Own the entire look of the LFW ramp show(Shoes+Clothes+Accessories). Designer Payal Kothari of Veruschka is taking it a step forward by showcasing the garments and accessories of the the show that were specially handpicked from UK for the ramp show.

Join in the celebration and pose with your favorite LFW Veruschka shoe at the Veruschka photo booth whike you munch on some delicious Parisian macaroons and chat with industry fashionistas and stylists.

The Collection takes cues from the diversities that exist the charming city of Paris.  Veruschka brings it's 'Back-to-Fabric' mentality this season. The delicateness of satin adds a feminine touch; punctuated by metallic power that adds sheen to the wardrobe of the feet. Multi- coloured platform and high counters add an accent that nods to the current trends; and element never missed in a Veruschka shoe. 

So come grab your pair of a Veruschka creation at CREO,Kemps Corner. 
CREO: Creo- Chinoy Mansion, Ground Floor, Opposite ST Stephen Church, Kemps Corner, Mumbai – 400036

PAYAL KOTHARI’S SHOE BIBLIOTHEQUE FOOTWEAR COLLECTION HAUTE STEPPED AT THE TALENT BOX- The Veruschka label by Payal Kothari, known for its exquisite handcrafted shoes, had much to offer in her new collection called “Shoe Bibliotheque” at the Talent Box show. Inspired by the lovely city, Paris, the line showcased timeless designs with a modern feel.
Models walked tall in pumps, peep toes, wedges and stilettos which were nothing short of stunning. In bright colours like red, orange, gold and bright blue along with floral printed leather the shoes looked magnificent, almost like something out of a fairy tale or a fashionista’s dream novel.
With sharp lines, the Payal managed to design the shoes to seem as though they enveloped the foot in gorgeous leather and satin. Keeping true to her concept of balancing style and comfort,
Payal Kothari used straps on the ankle as well as zips at the back of the shoe as a way to support the foot. Taking it a step further, she also made beautiful ‘ankle cuffs’, by using thick straps and then adding patterned embellishments like gems and studs.
Famous actress Tanisha Mukherjee, the show stopper, stepped out in a pair of tall, teal coloured heels with print detail and red accents.
With her spectacular shoe making skills, it’s no wonder that Payal Kothari’s Veruschka shoes have graced the pages of famous fashion magazines like Elle, Verve and L’Officiel.

20 June 2011


The shoes that you wear say a lot about the kind of person that you are. Yes, sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. A shoe represents one’s level of refined taste. Sometimes it is just a perception but then again, it is someone’s reality


High heels are associated with sensuality, attitude, femininity and fashion. She is a woman who considers herself to be sexy and one who wants others to perceive her to be sexy. When walking in a high heel, the entire lower body is thrown into a state of tension resembling that of female sexual arousal.

A woman’s high heel makes her feel powerful and gives her a sense of status…the higher and slimmer the heel the greater her social status. High Heels were known as ‘limousine shoes,” indicating that they are worn by women who don’t need to actually walk. According to a New York Times article I read, it wrote ‘High Heels are for those who pay other people to do their walking.’  The high heeled shoe carries an attitude that is almost larger than the heel it supports. 


WEDGES: A woman who wears a wedge heel is one that is fashionable and yet prefers comfort over vanity. She is a working woman; sensible and one who likes to make her own coffee so she can smell the aroma when the coffee pot gurgles. She likes to enjoy her journey, not just the destination.Wedges: A women who wears a wedge heel is one that is fashionable yet prefers comfort over vanity. She is the working woman, sensible and one who likes to make her own coffee so she can smell the aroma when the coffee pot percolates. She likes to enjoy her journey, not just the destination.


FLATS: A woman who wears flats exuberates the feeling of liberation. A woman with flats can take bigger strides thus feeling empowered. Generally, women in creative fields prefer to wear flats. It’s for a woman who wants comfort and the freedom from being bonded on account of her shoes.

A woman who is open minded tends to wear flats with minimum straps, thus exposing the cleavage of her toe…she likes to be subtly sexy yet comfortable. Bold shoes are considered in many cultures as one aspect of women’s social and sexual liberation. Another type of flat called the Birkenstock acquired a reputation of being worn by hippies & hikers or ones who embrace nature.

BOOTS: Women worship their boots. A great example of such women is apparent when you watch the two very famous Hollywood movies Poison Ivy and Pretty Women. Women feel like as long as they have the right boots they can combat any obstacle that may come her way. 
The boot conveys a different message than any other kind of shoe. It draws significant attention to a woman’s sensual nature by naturally riding up their calves and thighs! The power here lies not in the heel but how high they ride up the leg.  Its phallic characteristic is what makes the boot so sexy and sensual. Initially, boots were worn only by men but women gradually adopted them thereby indicating that she is his equal.  

SNEAKERS: This is a shoe for the adventurous, athletic, comfort seeking woman. It is for a woman who has a strong self image and consciously cares of her body. Sneakers are no longer just worn for running or working out at the gym.  They have morphed into becoming one of the most fashionable items.

In the early days, sneakers were only worn by men and were invented for tennis. They were only made in the color white but as women slowly began playing the sport the sneaker took on more colors and styles. In other words, the shoe was revolutionized by women and today it is worn in abundance by both men and women. It is essentially worn by people who believe in high-tech functionalism. This owes to the fact that sneakers today are so very modernized and scientific in their construction.